PushanDesigns was created by me, Orusia Pushan in 2004. The creativity in me began years ago with my passion for Photography, when SnicPic Photography started to take form.

It wasn't until several years after starting SnicPic photography that a co-worker suggested that I take a jewellery course. Knowing my talents as a photographer and my vision as an artist, they felt I would have a natural knack for it.


Well, no explanation is necessary after that. Here I am. As a fairly new Canadian designer my vision is to use my unique style to create original pieces to dress women of all ages...



Whether it's funky to match your boisterous personality,
or sexy to meet your provocative side,
or Classic to enhance your professional persona...

Canadian and Handmade!


My goal is to continue designing pieces of various media to compliment everyone's personality....
designer pieces that are fun, stylish and most importantly affordable.



Canadian and Handmade!